Gao Guqi: Nature Bred, Nourishing Home

Gao Guqi is a young furniture designer who has gained increasing popularity in the last few years. Once a graphic designer, then coffee shop owner and furniture designer, Guqi was born in North Eastern China and has lived all over, from Xiamen to Shanghai. He eventually landed in the capital, where in 2010 launched his own furniture brand FNJI. Despite his many moves and changes, the concept of home was always significant.

Nature, simplicity and authenticity are at the core of his creations. His idea of home is a warm and cozy environment; a place of intimacy, relationships and comfort—free from the complexity and the worries of the outside world. With those beliefs and feelings fueling FNJI, the collection is made up of high-quality contemporary furniture that has a touch of Chinese tradition. Everything is made of hard wood, a durable material which gains character with age and can last for generations. The brand name itself (in Chinese “fanji”) embodies the idea of simplicity and a fusion of nature and the “slow life” philosophy which is the very essence of Guqi’s pieces.

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