Caicifang: A New Life for Ancient Porcelain

Since the beginning of last century, when the Qing dynasty was in its final years, China had a tradition of recovering old fragments of precious ceramic. In 1902, in the bustling commercial area south of Beijing‘s Forbidden City, several workshops were already giving a new life to broken vases by assembling little fragments into new pieces of jewelry.

Wang Jing, owner and designer of Caicifang, is the authority on this traditional craft. Jing inherited the nearly lost art from her grandparents who made their living in ancient ceramics. They had a small workshop on the old street of Zhushikou, where they sold antiquities and restored ancient chinaware. “My parents continued the tradition, and since I was a kid in the early ’80s I remember my parents collecting chinaware from old demolished houses. They were spending a huge amount of time studying every piece, tracking the origin and production technique used,” Jing tells CH.

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